Star Enclave Islamabad

Star Enclave Islamabad Introduction

The Star Enclave Islamabad is a diamond in the rough for discerning investors seeking to invest in a solid project. It is a fantastic home development in the area surrounding New Islamabad International Airport and Rude Enclave. A magnificent and pleasurable life awaits you at the Star Enclave in Islamabad.

The star Enclave Islamabad project is the new housing project to facilitate the people with a structured living. The enclave is a whole community that offers a range of modern amenities to its residents, including all living necessities like a Mosque, Shopping mall, education, and many more. This project is developed in the area of the new Islamabad Airport. It will be a very convenient project specially designed for Pakistanis in a prime location with advanced tech: and affordable payments.

The best part! The project is incredibly affordable, especially when you compare them to other properties in the city. Families are quickly snapping up the units, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to call home, look no further than Star Enclave Islamabad! Star enclave is the perfect place to call home. You’ll enjoy spacious and well-appointed homes, lush green surroundings, top-notch amenities, and excellent security – all in a prime location.

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Owners And Developers Of Star Enclave

The Owner and developer of the Star Enclave Islamabad project are a reputable Star marketing private limited company and green land Developers; both in collaboration develop this project.

Star Marketing Private Limited and Green Land Developers are the creators of this housing development. They combine their diverse team to imagine and develop a fantastic living environment ideal for the average person’s aspirations. There are several world-class tasks that these firms completed separately, and coming together on this housing project has made it they’re favorite.

The project exudes the developers individuality, creativity, and class. It has a lot of plots and potential for expansion if needed. The builders are committed to changing how people think about living through their creative housing projects.

Green Land Developers

Greenland Estate & Builders is a business that you can trust. They work with a wide range of properties, and their customer service is outstanding. They always aim to ensure that clients’ investments are secure and protected. The Greenland Housing Company is new and upcoming in the housing market. They are focused on building sustainable homes that are affordable and accessible for all. But first and foremost, they focus on safety, security, and environmental friendliness. With the support of foreign investors, they started to build sustainable homes in Greenland.

This is their first concern. Green land developers holding a private LTD called Greenland Group are Chinese traded real estate development companies. It was formed as a state-owned business and debuted on December 31, 2016. This company is the most prominent real estate developer. They use a remarkable floor space under construction and are excellent in sales revenue.

Projects Of Green Land

  • Metropolis Los Angeles in Los Angeles
  • Spire London, 235-metter residential skyscraper
  • Greenland center Sydney in Sydney
  • Atlantic Yard in New york
  • 872-Unit Condo Plus a 122- Room Hotel Complex in Toronto

Star Marketing Private Limited Company 

Star Marketing Private Limited is the marketing company of choice for housing projects across Pakistan. They understand the needs of homebuyers and developers and are dedicated to providing quality marketing services that exceed expectations.

Star Marketing Private Limited has completed the most significant number of real estate projects in Pakistan. The star marketing’s services are booking solutions, marketing, consultancy, advertising, and collateral assistance. After a lengthy history, Star Marketing is now bringing its housing venture, Star Enclave. They’ll be the ones to promote and market the project.

Star Enclave is currently in its pre-launch phase. The project has begun to gain attraction, and the company has set out to produce results for its ongoing marketing campaign. According to an official of Star Marketing, several hundred bookings have taken place within the last month. This number only hits the initial reactions from the public towards their upcoming housing project.


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NOC Of Star Enclave

The Star Enclave is NOC approved. Previously, the Star Enclave Housing Project was known as the “Rabia Residency.” From TMA Potohar, which is under the Jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, they obtained both NOC and planning permission.

This project, formerly known as “Rabia Residency,” has been purchased by Star Marketing and renamed “Star Enclave.” The plans and designs of this housing scheme have also been approved, and they are intended to provide the maximum amount of open spaces and facilities to the residents.

Star Enclave Spotlight

Prime Location

The Star Enclave project is located in a prime location of Islamabad near the New international airport of Islamabad.

Pre-launching phase

The project at the moment is in the pre-launch phase.


Star Enclave’s main feature or attraction point for investors is its affordability; with its luxury features, it is an affordable and luxurious project for home finders.

Experience developers

The developers of this project are Greenland LTD and Star marketing. These are not only experienced but also well known developers.

Modern Technology

In this project, all modern technology is used to fill all the needs of the scheme’s residents.

Comfortable Life

This project offers a comfortable lifestyle with luxurious facilities like shopping, a fun area, and many more.

RDA Approved

The RDA Rawalpindi Development Authorities approved this project.

Location Map Of Star Enclave

The housing society is in the Rawalpindi region of Islamabad, Pakistan’s Federal Capital. It is located on Chakri Road, the main street in Rawalpindi. The housing complex is near Islamabad International Airport; you can reach it in 15 minutes. It is 3 kilometers away from the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will provide residents of Pakistan’s third-largest city with quick access to key areas in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road’s bright future will make residents’ lives easier, allowing them to get straight to the city’s central areas and attractions. The lodging society is located along the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, which runs from China through Pakistan to Islamabad. It takes five minutes to drive from the Thalian Interchange Islamabad to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Nearby Societies

Nearby areas to this project are popular which add value to this project and attract investors. those areas are,

  • Capital smart city Islamabad 
  • Top 1 city
  • Mumtaz city
  • Al mairaj housing scheme
  • Eighteen Islamabad
  • Qurtaba city
  • Al haram city
  • Rudan enclave 
  • Mivida
  • Abdullah city
  • Khanal homes

Area By land

The building project covers approximately a quarter of a hectare. On the ground of the Star enclave, development work has already begun.


The Rawalpindi Ring Road is one of Pakistan’s most important infrastructure projects, which will rise in importance after completing the Star Enclave Islamabad. The Society will have the most convenient and rapid access to,

  • The M-2 highway is a road between Lahore and Islamabad
  • The New Islamabad International Airport Islamabad.
  • Rawalpindi
  • GT road
  • Bahria Town
  • DHA Islamabad
  • other main sites between twin cities

Master Plan Of Star Enclave

The master plan demonstrates a high level of planning and hard work. The mauza of Star Enclave Islamabad is located on the main Chakri Road, adjacent to Capital Smart City, in Mouza Chauhan. The property, which measures almost 2,500 Kanal in size, is owned by the lodging society. The project is presently underway.

The Society has already developed a lush green garden on the main road, opened for public use. The project will be developed in five phases. Eight special blocks have been identified in the project, of which two are exclusively meant for commercial use while others are built-up space for residential purposes. A six-lane motorway runs parallel to the development and provides easy access to the project.

The property is an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to own their dream home in Islamabad, owing to its proximity to Capital City and the availability of all modern amenities nearby.

Residential Plots

The residential plots by Star enclave islamabad


  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 kanal

Commercial Plots

This project is in the pre-launch phase; therefore, no commercial plots are for booking, but these opportunities will soon come.

Features And Services

facilities & amenities


The management provides the best safe living, this gated community will probably be built within the border wall. Citizens will be protected by high-tech security measures, particularly surveillance systems, guards, and CCTV networks monitored 24/7.

Advance education Hub

The Star Enclave builders plan is to build various educational institutions in the area. Specialist educators will oversee all primary, secondary, and high schools. They will also feature modern computer labs, experiment studios, activities areas, and more. They will undoubtedly be the finest centers of excellence for their valued citizens.

Best health care

For the most fantastic convenience of citizens, it has cutting-edge hospitals and healthcare centers. Professional and experienced physicians are always accessible at your disposal with 24/7 service. They provide emergency service at all times and have an ambulance on call to assist you in the most pressing situations.

Shopping centers

You do not need to go so far and need a long drive to get the necessities or any occasion shopping. The enclave project designs an infrastructure in which malls and shopping centers can enjoy the ease of life.

The urban view

Essential civil Society has evolved in cosmopolitan areas. In the city environment, all modern amenities will be accessible to everyone. This is why the primary concern of the housing community will be seen as a thoroughly modern living center with an ultra-urbane atmosphere.

Comfortable living

The developers of this project are always concerned about the best environment for the people. They design the project as it can compete over time. In this project, individuals can enjoy everyday life, and also, Society will be developing commercial hubs, recreational and residential areas.


Entertainment Center

A life of pleasure and excitement is completely dry, unpleasant, and unenjoyable. The problem has been addressed by the star enclave society, which has established a recreational center in the project’s boundaries so that you and your loved ones may have a hassle-free time. The project will include a play area, banquet hall, cafeteria, and sports complex for the enjoyment of all ages. So life is just full of happiness in this project.

Lakes and parks

The Star Enclave is also designed as a low-density community. It will have wide streets and large lots, which will provide plenty of outdoor space to residents. There will be extensive sidewalks and bike paths, which will make it easy for people to get around without having to use their cars.

Eco-friendly Environment

Society is set up as a method to defend natural resources. They make sure that the natural areas in the environment aren’t disturbed. That is why, when people enter Star Enclave, it becomes a soothing environment in which they may rest.

Family & Community Clubs

Star enclave is also paying attention to individuals with a relaxing time activity by developing the best clubs in their project design; they focus on all areas of life.

Resource Management

Society is set up as a method to defend natural resources. They make sure that the natural areas in the environment aren’t disturbed. That is why, when people enter Star Enclave, it becomes a soothing environment in which they may rest.

Payment Plan Of Star Enclave 

With easy monthly and semi-annual payments, pre-launch bookings for residential sites have already begun, with first prices and three-year payment plans. The total cost of the fee is due in three months. The booking of the site starts with a down payment of 10%. After confirmation and allocation, The project prices will be updated soon after the housing society’s inauguration ceremony.

Why invest in Star Enclave Islamabad?

Golden project

The Star Enclave is a unique opportunity to get a housing plan in what appears to be one of the most significant locations in the world. The region has seen the development of numerous residential plots, making it appear to be one of the most desired places on Earth. The housing complex with a prime site might open the door to the world of ultra-inexpensive living. This project is a Golden Opportunity for investors.



As Star Enclave is in its pre-launching phase, Its prices are not too high. It is an excellent benefit for the investor to invest and get the prime location plots.


Prime Location

The location of the star enclave project is near the New International Airport Islamabad. It connects the twin cities. Many societies are accessible to this project as well.


Easy Life

The Project is like Bunch of Flowers, and it includes everything which is necessary for the best living. Lets invest in secure, durable, and comfortable accommodation,  live a life of luxury in islamabad’s best project

How To Book A plot

  • Commercial clients can quickly make a reservation for a piece of this home development. Plots are now available on a first-come, first-served basis. The method is straightforward and may be completed by anybody with minimal training. To reserve a property, follow the steps outlined:

    • Download Booking form
    • Fill in details Given in the form
    • Deposit a pay, cash, or demand draft favor “Green Land Developers.”
    • Attach Required documents
    •  In the last submit booking form and all required documents with pay order in the office of Green Land Developers.

Key Points

Pre-launch prices are not guaranteed and may be changed at any time.

Several extra costs are involved with reserving category sites, such as plots on the junction, park facing, and major roads.

  • The corner plot costs 10 percent more.
  • 10% extra for road site is charged in addition.
  • There may be an additional charge for a park-facing lot.
  • Charges on the corner and in the main road plot are 15% more.
  • You may also choose plot numbers on the housing society’s map with a 30% upfront payment, which includes the cause of booking + confirmation + allocation. They must be paid in advance of your arrival.
  • The above costs do not have the developer’s fee

Documents Needed

  • Copies of CNIC of applicant
  • Photo of Applicant
  • Copies of CINC of Nominee


Star enclave is the perfect place to call home. It offers a luxurious and affordable lifestyle in the heart of Islamabad. You’ll enjoy spacious and well-appointed homes, lush green surroundings, top-notch amenities, and excellent security – all in a prime location.

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Have A Question?

Yes, the Star Enclave project NOC RDA approved. You can verify on the RDA website.

Yes, this project is a prime location for residential purposes; the Star Enclave provides all facilities for investors

The project is already under construction, plot numbers are already assigned, central BOULEVARD is under construction, and walls and boundary walls are also under construction.

This Society is in a prime location, and its prices will go high in the future. This Society is good to invest for the long term and the short time.

As this project is under construction and in the pre-launch phase, that’s why possession dates are not announced yet.

  • Commercial Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • Kingdom Villas
  • Overseas (Executive Block)
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